Our Fundraising Campaign

It is our intention to be as transparent as possible when asking people to trust us with their hard-earned money. Please read on to get a full understanding of where your dollars are going. 

  • 100% of the donations we receive go towards our legal costs. We do not keep any funds for other reasons. Our site is paid for and maintained using the personal funds of our Executive Members.

  • We cannot be sure of the potential cost of Stage 2 as it depends on the number of billable hours. We will move up in $5000 increments as goals, but these are broad goals, not exact cost amounts.  

  • We are being represented by Gowling WLG based in Ottawa. This firm is extremely interested in this case and have extensive experience with Judicial reviews. 

  • The retainer fee has been paid and we are now in the process of compiling all of the evidence to present the case before a Divisional Judge. If the Judge decides that there is enough evidence and a strong enough argument to move forward, an injunction is filed essentially putting the legislation and the requirements therein on hold.

  • We have chosen not to do a GoFundMe campaign at this time, as they take a percentage that we would rather have going towards our legal costs. 

  • We are trying to update our totals at the end of each day. This ensures that the numbers you see on our thermometer are as close to current as we can get them. 

If you have questions, concerns, or just want to offer a word of encouragement (We like those) please head over to the "Contact Us" page. 

Thank you so much for your support. 

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