Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee drives the direction of the council and spearheads the advocacy work we do on behalf of Teacher Candidates in Ontario Faculties of Education.

Sara Penner


Sara joins us from Nippissing University.

Hannah Diamond

Vice President

Hannah joins us from Brock University.

Natalie Fiannaca

Executive Communications Officer

Natalie joins us from Lakehead University.

Athena Rydlewski


Athena joins us from Lakehead University.

Shelby Clarke

Executive Political Operations Officer

Shelby joins us from the University of Windsor.


Our Board of Directors

These past Executive members carry on the Mission and Values of the Council and provide guidance and advice to the current Executive Committee.

Brittney Vandersel

Past President

Brittney is a founding member of the OTCC, conceiving of the council at Trent University. She is hardworking, dedicated and passionate about advocating for the needs of Teacher Candidates in Ontario. Her professionalism and tenacity make her an excellent leader.

Bella Lewkowicz

Former Vice President

Bella is a founding member and has been instrumental in the development of the OTCC. She is a graduate of the University of Ottawa. She has worked tirelessly to fight for the interests of Teacher Candidates. She now teaches French in a publicly funded school in Ontario.

Johan Kromhout

Former Executive Communications Officer

With us since our founding and a graduate of Brock University, Johan is a passionate, dedicated member who brought his experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed. He now teaches in an International School overseas.

Sara Campitelli

Former Secretary-Treasurer

Sara Campitelli joined Ontario Teacher Candidate Council from Queens University with the vision and drive to keep us organized and focused on advocating for Teacher Candidates in Ontario. She now teaches in British Columbia.

Patrick Morris

Former Executive Political Operations Officer

Patrick is experienced and knowledgeable in the political arena. He is a graduate of Western University and advocates for teacher candidates on a political level. He now teaches in British Columbia.


Our Council Members

Representing Faculties of Education from around Ontario


Rebecca Vlemmix

Council Member

Brock University