While we will do our best to answer any and all questions you may have, we encourage you to visit the OCT, EQAO, and Math Proficiency Test websites for official communications.

Can we register and take Additional Qualifications (AQ or ABQ) courses?

If you have completed your program and met the OCT requirements and are in good standing, or will be in good standing before the end of the course, it will count on your professional profile. If you are not in good standing and holding an OCT certificate of qualification by the end of the course, they will consider it as personal learning and it will never appear on your professional profile. Some Universities may hold marks until your OCT has been processed and you are in good standing. 

The OCT will not retroactively put these courses on your profile. For more information, visit https://www.oct.ca/members/additional-qualifications/tips

If we were not successful on the Field test, or if we did not attempt it, will we be granted a conditional certificate of qualification from the OCT which would let us teach for one year?

YES. As of April 24, 2020, all teacher candidates who have successfully completed their B.Ed program requirements will be granted conditional certificates by the OCT. Missing practicum hours are being forgiven as long as they were missed due to COVID. Any TC who did not pass the MPT will have until Aug. 31, 2021 to have a successful attempt.

Follow the link for more information,